The Best Outdoor Sports Games for Two

You don’t always need a crowd to enjoy exciting outdoor games. In head-to-head settings, the competition can really heat up, and you have a chance to truly show off your skills. These games are simple to understand and simple to play—as long as you’re in the mood to toss, catch, jump and enjoy some friendly competition! Here are the best outdoor sports games for two:

Cornhole: Since precision is the name of the game when it comes to cornhole, this classic outdoor pastime is fun to play one-on-one. It keeps you from being stuck with a partner who may not have the best aim. Grab a buddy and throw down some boards just about anywhere—it’s hard to beat the simplicity (and fun) of classic cornhole.

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Kan Jam: This highly addictive frisbee game is crazy fun to play, all it takes is two plastic cylinders and a frisbee. Playing one-on-one ensures you won’t get stuck with players on your team who have less-than-stellar accuracy, and you can move the cans further away for more of a challenge.

Bottle Bash: Playing bottle bash one-on-one gives you the opportunity to show off both your throwing and catching skills. Take your shot at your opponent’s bottle as it balances on a pole, and be sure to jump, dive and catch your bottle if your opponent manages to knock it off the pole.

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Rampshot: This game is like a fast-paced version of cornhole, where your opponent scores points by banking a ball up a ramp and into the target. As they throw, you’ll try to catch the rebounding balls to increase your number of throws when it’s your turn to score points. Since there’s always an “Odd Person Out” in team play, this game can easily be played in a head-to-head scenario.

Whether you’re not a team player or don’t have enough people to pick up a bigger game, you’ll find plenty of opportunity in these head-to-head games. They’re some of the best sports games for two, and there’s plenty of diversity between them to keep you and an opponent busy on those long summer afternoons.

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