Hit the Court After Dark With LED ELEKTRON Sportsballs and LITE4NITE Pickleballs!

Light-up balls for tennis, baseball, softball, pickleball, badminton, lacrosse and much more!

A setting sun tells outdoor athletes it’s time to pack up and go home. They don’t want to stop playing, but they have to. Anyone who’s ever tried playing tennis in the dark knows it’s impossible with a regular ball! The fun is cut short simply because there’s no light. Players would keep the game going if they could!

One inventor has solved this problem. Corky Newcomb is the founder of LITE4NITE, a sports company that has been lighting up sports balls since 1975. Millions of the company’s first NITELITE Golfballs were used for playing in thousands of NITE GOLF tournaments in 82 countries.  Now LITE4NITE SPORTS is introducing their first-ever patent pending LED sports balls that can be hit with baseball bats, rackets and paddles.  Newcomb invented LED ELEKTRON Sportsballs so players can enjoy tennis, baseball, softball, badminton  and more—all night long. His other inventions include the glow-in-the-dark LITE4NITE Pickleballs, which are durable enough to withstand the most rigorous matches. In the company’s R & D testing the LED Sportsballs were hit hard over 1,000 times into a plywood wall from 6 feet and the lights are still ON!

When the sun goes down, light-up sports balls make a huge difference on the court. They’re the best way to enjoy the game you love, long after other players have pac

ked up and gone home. See how these amazing LED  ELEKTRON Sportsballs and LITE4NITE  Pickleballs are totally changing the game.

It’s A Whole New Ballgame with LITE4NITE Sports Balls

Outdoor games have long since been a popular pastime in the summer months. Sports retailers have sold more than 60 million Wiffleballs in the United States alone. Unfortunately, these much sought-after products become virtually useless after sundown. Once it gets dark, players stash their Wiffleballs until the sun rises the next day.

Unlike regular Wiffleballs, LITE4NITE’s light-up sports balls never become obsolete.  The LED ELEKTRON Sportsballs are powered by an LED light that sits inside the ball. The LED illuminates each ball from the inside out, making it highly visible to all players on the court or ball fields.  These light-up sports balls completely eliminate the need for sunlight, since players can track the ball’s trajectory even in total darkness. Just follow the light path!

LITE4NITE Pickleballs light up two ways.. One way is  with glow-in-the-dark light sticks that are custom-made to fit inside each pickleball. The outer shell is constructed with a highly visible yellow material.  Simply pop in a light stick and start playing! The other option is to use the LED technology that allows you to hit your lighted Pickleballs all night long.  See the videos at www.lite4nitepickleball.com and www.lite4nite.com and www.sportsinventormentor.com .

9 Sports Just Got an After Dark Upgrade!

Players aren’t limited to playing Pickleball after dark. LITE4NITE’S light-up sports balls are suitable for any outdoor games that take place on a court or ball field. LED Elektron Sportsballs have been approved for use in court games such as  tennis, pickleball, paddle tennis and badminton. These light-up sports balls have also made it possible to enjoy baseball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, cricket as well as backyard and beach ball games without the help of stadium lights.

LITE4NITE Pickleballs and LED ELEKTRON Sportsballs are perfect for every setting. Keep the fun going at neighborhood barbeques with endless rounds of badminton in the backyard. Bring a couple LED sports balls on the next camping trip, and turn the campgrounds into a pickleball court! LITE4NITE’S products are even ideal for playing on sandy terrain. Extend your beach trip well into the night with softball games next to the ocean waves.

Tried, True and Tested for After Dark Play

LED ELEKTRON Sportsballs and LITE4NITE Pickleballs are far from novelty items. These balls glow in the dark, but they’re also just as reliable as what the PROS use in their tournaments. Some players even prefer LITE4NITE’S products over trusted professional brands because the balls are much Quieter and last much Longer.  While other sports balls crack and break easily, LITE4NITE sports balls stand the test of time for optimal performance on the court.

Each prototype went through several phases before turning into the LED ELEKTRON Sportsballs and LITE4NITE Pickleballs now available on the market. The test balls were hit at high speeds to make sure each would retain its original shape and continue to work properly. LED lights in the LED ELEKTRON Sportsballs stayed on after slamming into a wall 1,000 times from just six feet away! Each ball comes with its own replaceable battery, which gives you 24 hours of playing time. That’s a whole lot of game time, without fear of your ball going dark!

5 Reasons to Love LED ELEKTRON Sportsballs and LITE4NITE Pickleballs

LITE4NITE’S sports balls do more than just extend the game beyond sundown: they enhance the playing experience in ways that aren’t possible with regular sports balls. In case you weren’t convinced already, here are five reasons to play with a LITE4NITE light-up sports ball at your next match.

1. Beat the heat with twilight and night matches

Night matches and ball games protect players from the sun and extremely hot temperatures. Playing in low and no light eliminates the risk of sunburn and other skin damage caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays. Temperatures also cool off at night, which significantly reduces the chance of heat exhaustion.

2. Put a bold new spin on your sport

LED ELEKTRON Sportsballs and LITE4NITE Pickleballs are just what players need to switch things up. Night matches and ball games can give players a  new perspective on sports that they’ve been enjoying for years. LED lights and glow sticks can add a new layer of fun you never imagined! Playing at night is a whole new ballgame!

3. Hone your skills and reflexes

Playing in the dark can improve your performance, too. Light-up sports balls require players to focus more intently on the ball’s path through the air. This heightens concentration and forces you to make more precise hits with a bat, racket or paddle. It’s a great way to train your dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

4. Play more matches, even in low light

With LED balls, you never have to stop playing! LITE4NITE’S sports balls are clearly visible during twilight and after sunset. While other players are calling it quits, you get more hours of practice now that no daylight is no longer an issue. So you can now improve your game twice as fast as your competitors!

5. Add some excitement to your game!

A light-up sports ball can really bring out the nighttime fun. LED lights and glow sticks make the sports balls look like shooting stars streaking across the sky. The more matches happening at once, the bigger and brighter light display you get! NITE time tournaments are also great fun Fundraisers for your favorite charity, church, hospital, civic group or school sports teams.

The Game Doesn’t Stop When the Sun Goes Down!

Don’t let the sun stand between you and outdoor fun. Just because the sun leaves doesn’t mean you have to leave the court.LITE4NITE LED ELEKTRON Sportsballs and LITE4NITE Pickleballs are revolutionizing players’ experiences by letting games last well into the night. Pick up a LITE4NITE sports ball and see for yourself! You may even want to become a LITE4NITE SPORTS distributor in your state. Contact LITE4NITE SPORTS for details at corkyfn@gmail.com.

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