52 Outdoor Golf Games and Sets

Looking to improve your golf game? While golf is a sport that complete newbies and professionals alike can enjoy, it’s difficult to develop true skill. Your ability to play the game well depends on so many factors, including accuracy, aim, visual perception, swing form and power, and so much more.

Luckily, there are some great outdoor golf games that help you develop these skills even off the course. Read on to learn about the best backyard games that test your skills and strategy, and prepare to wow your friends both on and off the course. Fair warning, some of these games are deceptively difficult—just like golf itself!

Chipping for Accuracy and Precision

Excellent chipping skills separate amateur golfers from the true lovers of the game. Give these backyard games a try to save you strokes around the green:

  • Chippo: This game is a unique cross between golf and cornhole. It’s played with teams of two, and the object of the game is to chip balls into and onto a modified cornhole board. You not only score points by sinking balls into the three holes on the board, but also by hitting the board with a ball and bouncing your shot off the chipping mat to receive double the points. It takes quite a bit of skill to sink a shot in the holes, and even more so to bounce off the chipping mat. It’s a great way to work on the precision of your chipping.
  • TeeBags Golf: This game is very similar to Chippo, except the game board for TeeBags actually fits on an existing cornhole board. What makes this game a bit more interesting, and more challenging, is that the board has textured grass that can “catch” the balls, offering another way to score points.

Want lower scores the next time you hit the links? There’s no better way to develop your chipping accuracy than practicing with these simple backyard games. At your next barbecue or tailgate party, try Chippo or TeeBags as an alternative to cornhole. You might just say goodbye to stubbing or sculling and hello to crisp contact and better chip shots on the links.

Aiming with Intent to Win

Improved accuracy in your shots always leads to improved scores whenever you hit the links. After all, golf is a target game, and as with any other target game, great aim is essential. Grab some friends and break out these backyard games to work on your aim:

  • Golf Pong or Beer Pong Golf: Play this game head-to-head or in a group of four. Its rules are similar to traditional beer pong. To play Golf Pong the right way, set up two cornhole boards and a pitching wedge and use your clubs to chip balls into the opposing player’s cups. When a player sinks a shot, the opponent has to drink whatever’s in the cup! You can adjust the rules to make aim more of a factor, too.
  • Putter Ball or Battle Putt: Another game that’s similar to Golf Pong is Putter Ball. You’ll set up two turf boards that have six holes each, and the goal is to sink all six putts into your opponents’ board. It’s played with two teams of two players, with holes covered up as players sink putts. When one team sinks all putts in the opponents’ board, the opponents then have the opportunity to putt as many balls as they can without fail. If they’re able to clear the board, the winner is decided in overtime.

Instead of walking up to the ball and letting it rip down the fairway, concentrate on your aim and your score is bound to improve. Give Golf Pong or Putter Ball a try with some of your friends, and you’ll impress everyone with your pinpoint accuracy the next time you step up to the green.

Judge the Depth to Sink the Shot

Strong visual skills are essential to great performance in a game of golf. From seeing a target, noticing obstacles, reading a putt and even visualizing your swing, your ability to play well depends in large part on your visual skills. Here are two games that help you strengthen your eye-brain connections:

  • Floating Green: Set up a floating green in a swimming pool or pond and work on your visual accuracy. You need a great level of depth perception to get the ball to the green without landing in the water. There are a variety of floating greens on the market, but they each offer similar ways of scoring. You can hit anywhere on the surface of the green to score a par, stop the ball on the turf for a birdie and sink the shot for a hole-in-one.
  • Pop-Up Golf Targets: This game is great for perfecting your long-range play. Set up nets at a far distance and use your eyes to accurately judge the distance so you can hit the target. They come in a variety of sizes—the smaller the target, the greater the difficulty.

When your brain can perceive accurate visual information, you’re able to perform to your full potential on the course. Enjoy playing these games at your next outdoor gathering to strengthen your visual skills and improve your golf game and your score.

Control the Power of Your Shot

Controlling shot power and trajectory is a constant battle for new and experienced golfers alike. Use the following games to practice tempering your shots so that you can avoid over- or under-swinging:

  • Golf Pool: Golf Pool is a great game indoors or outside. It combines the challenge of golf with the game of pool, and you need to develop great hand-eye coordination if you want to win at this game. The object is to sink your balls into the pockets, and the first one to sink all balls wins. Use a steady swing and strategically bank balls off the rails for your best chance at winning. It has all the touches of pool, in the form of golf!
  • Disc Golf: This game offers a great opportunity for you to practice controlling distance accurately. Each time you throw the disc, or when you incur a penalty, it’s counted as one stroke, and the player with the lowest score wins. To win at disc golf, your aim and your control over the disc need to be spot-on. You’ll use different discs for shorter, more controlled drives as well as long approaches. It’s all about being calm and deliberate with your throws, and the more you practice the better you’ll get.

A big part of becoming an excellent golfer is knowing how far you actually hit your clubs. With deliberation, strategy and patience, you’ll be able to accurately judge the power you need to get the ball exactly where it needs to go.

Have Fun While Honing Your Skills

Golf is a complex sport that involves patience, strategy and, most importantly, skill. Many players develop a true love of the game just from the simple fact that there’s always something new to learn and there are always ways to improve.

From developing your chipping skills to perfecting your aim and swing, these outdoor golf games provide you with opportunities to develop your skills—all while having a great time. Whether you’re practicing on your own with pop-up targets or enjoying a round of Chippo with your friends, break out these outdoor golf games at your next backyard barbecue, tailgating party or picnic. You’ll come away with useful skills that transfer to your next outing at your favorite course.

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