How to Play Ramp Shot

Ramp Shot is an exciting backyard game that’s best compared to cornhole, except much more fast-paced. It’s an interactive game that keeps all players engaged at all times. Whenever you’re in the mood for some spirited competition, enjoy a fun game of Ramp Shot with your friends or family from the comfort of your own backyard. At the beach, the park or a tailgate event? You can play it there too—just bring the equipment, pick your teams and start playing! Here’s how to play Ramp Shot.

Ramp Shot rules

Ramp shot is played with two ramps and four balls. Set the ramps at least 15 feet apart, then flip a coin to decide which team goes first. One player from each team will stand behind each ramp, and each team gets two of the same-colored balls. Players on offense are the “Shooter” and “Playmaker,” while the team on defense has players called “Stealer and “Odd-Person Out.”

The shooter tosses the ball and aims for the slot at the top of the ramp. You can score not only by landing the ball in the slot, but also if the ball bounces off the top of the ramp and the Playmaker catches it. The Stealer tries to catch the balls if they rebound off the front of the ramp. Whenever the Stealer catches the ball, their team gets an extra shot in the next round. It’s easier than it sounds—unpredictable bounces add even more excitement to this game!

How many players can participate?

Ramp shot is one of those outdoor games that’s best-played with a group. In fact, it’s typically played with four players. split up into two teams of two. Throughout the game, three out of four players can try to score points at any given time. That means you have to pay close attention if you want to win. Anyone has a chance to make a big play—even a Rampshot rookie!

Scoring in Ramp Shot

The object of ramp shot is scoring 15 points. When your team sinks a ball into the net at the top of the ramp, you receive 3 points. If the Playmaker catches the ball after it bounces on top of the ramp, your team gets 1 point. Teams must hit 15 points exactly—if you go over that number on a round, the points won’t count, and you’ll have to try again the next round. And remember, you’re also trying to keep an opposing team member from scoring, too!

Learning how to play Ramp Shot is simple. If you’re playing for the first time, you’ll soon find that this engaging game is a fun challenge. Set up the ramps and gather your friends for some fast-paced competition and fun! You’re bound to enjoy the fast-paced action, and make a few highlight reel catches as you strive to hit 15.

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