How to Play Mölkky

Whenever you’re in the mood for a challenge, give the simple yet addictive game of Mölkky a try. This game is also known as wooden scatter or wooden skittles, and it follows the basic concept of knocking down pins to earn points. At your next backyard barbecue or family gathering, teach your guests how to play Mölkky and embrace your spirit of competition.

The rules of Mölkky

Find a large, flat surface and set up a series of either 10 or 12 pins. You and your opponents will take turns throwing a wooden baton at the pins and seeing what you’re able to knock down.

Other than throwing the baton instead of rolling it, this game also differs from traditional bowling by giving each pin a specific point value. You earn the total number of points that are on the pins you’ve knocked over in each round, and after throwing you set up the pins in the exact location where they were knocked over.

How many players?

You can play Mölkky one-on-one with an opponent, or you can play with teams. Grab a few friends and split into pairs to enjoy an exciting round!

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Scoring in Mölkky

The hardest part about learning how to play Mölkky is understanding the rules for scoring. The object of the game is to hit 50 points, and you do that by hitting pins each round and adding up their values. What you need to keep in mind, though, is that you have to hit 50 points precisely. If you go over 50 during a round, your scores returned to 25 points. It takes a bit of mental math and some great aim to win at this game.

Mölkky is a great backyard party game because it’s played on a flat surface and can easily be set up. It’s also a game that’s very easy to learn and gives you a chance to brush up on your math skills, too. Give this game a go at your next picnic in the park with friends, barbecue with family or any outdoor gathering where you want to have some friendly competition.

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