How to Play Bottle Bash

Bottle Bash is also known as Polish Horseshoes or “Frisbeener” if you live in the Midwest. This classic outdoor game has unknown origins, but it’s become a well-loved, fun game to play at backyard cookouts or picnics in the park. All you need is two poles of equal size, two glass bottles, a frisbee and a large, flat patch of grass to play on.

Read on to learn how to play Bottle Bash, a game of quick reflexes and skill. It takes less than a minute to learn and it’s sure to become one of your favorite outdoor games to play with friends and family.

Bottle Bash rules

Set up your Bottle Bash game by spacing poles 20 to 40 feet apart. Place bottles on top of the poles and stand with your teammate behind the same pole, where you’ll stay at all times. Setup is easy, and once you’ve got the plastic bottles on poles, get ready for some backyard fun!

Flip a coin to decide which team throws first. If your team wins the coin toss, you’ll fling the frisbee at the bottle on the opposing team’s side. The defending team members will try to catch both frisbee and bottle before they hit the ground, but they must stay behind the pole at all times. The opposing team will then toss the frisbee back, aiming for the bottle on your side. The first team to 21 points wins. Game set, match!

How many players for this fun game?

When you play Bottle Bash, it’s generally best with four players: two teams of two. In this scenario, you can use one or two frisbees. If you use one, one player can take a breather while the other is throwing the disc; if you use two, both players will toss disks at the same time. You can also play Bottle Bash one-on-one, with two players total.

How to score points in Bottle Bash

Scoring points in this frisbee game is simple. Only the throwing team can score points in Bottle Bash. You’ll earn a point when objects hit the ground. The maximum points you can earn per throw is 3. Here’s a breakdown of point values:

  • Frisbee hits the ground behind the pole = 1 point
  • Bottle hits the ground = 2 points
  • Frisbee and bottle hit the ground = 3 points

There are a few special ways to score. If the defending team catches your frisbee in front of the pole, your team earns 2 points. Also, if the opposing player knocks their own bottle off the pole, you’ll earn 2 points.

Both setting up and learning how to play the game of Bottle Bash are quite simple. Practice your frisbee skills and your aim and gather three friends for an exciting round of this classic yard game. From camping trips to backyard fun, playing Bottle Bash is a great way to pass the time outdoors with friends! Best of all, the whole family can play, no matter their skill level.


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