Everything You Need to Know About Gel Blasters

Looking for a fun way to burn off some steam outdoors? Grab some friends and take part in a gel blaster skirmish!

Gel blasters are basically toy guns. Take part in head-to-head matches or team play to develop your tactical skills, foster teamwork and cooperation—and even get some exercise. If you’ve never heard of gel blasters before, read on to learn everything you need to know about this new and exciting form of tactical play for people of any age, kids and adults alike.

What are gel blasters?

Gel blasters—also known as soft gel guns or gel ball blasters—are tactical toys growing in popularity, taking the world by storm. Because they fire gel balls, they’re a safe alternative to airsoft guns, which are outlawed in many parts of the world. The gel blaster craze started to take hold in Australia, and has become popular worldwide as a fun and safe outdoor activity for people of all ages.

A gel blaster is an excellent option if you’re looking for a new way to have fun in the outdoors because they’re environmentally friendly. Gel blasters use superabsorbent polymer water beads (gel balls) as ammo, and they’re much less painful compared to other alternatives like paintballs and plastic bullets. Gel balls are non-toxic and completely biodegradable, which means you create no waste or mess as you play.

Are gel blasters and gel balls safe?

While gel blasters are generally very safe to use, you should handle them with a certain level of care. Assume that every gel blaster gun is loaded and ready to fire, and never point it directly at your own face or someone else’s. Don’t assume that the safety is on, and don’t pull triggers outside of games. And, even though gel balls are extremely safe, always remember to wear protective eyewear when you’re using a gel gun.

Also, remember that you should never brandish your gel blaster gun in public. While you know that you’re carrying a toy, the general public might not. Always play on dedicated fields or in your backyard to ensure your own safety and the safety of those around you.

Types of gel blasters

If you’re just starting to explore the world of gel guns, you’ll see that there are many types available and they’re very similar in design to typical airsoft toy guns. The most common gel blaster models you’ll find are the pistol, rifle and sub-machine gun, and they vary widely in terms of full range, speed and portability.

  • Pistol: The small, lightweight design of gel blaster pistols make them easy to carry and shoot, but you sacrifice full range and speed for portability. Most have a range of around 65 feet and can shoot gel balls at maximum speeds of 150 FPS. They also have a much lower magazine capacity than a rifle or sub-machine gun.
  • Rifle: Gel blaster rifles are the largest gel ball blasters you can buy, and they require some effort to aim and shoot compared to quick-fire pistols. What they lack in portability they make up for in both range and speed. On average, rifles have a range above 80 feet and can fire gel balls at approximate speeds of 250 FPS on average, with some models achieving up to 300 FPS.
  • Sub-machine gun: Gel blaster sub-machine guns, or SMGs, are typically smaller than rifles, and they’re designed to be fully automatic. You can expect better firing control and enhanced portability, which is especially handy for close-quarter battles. They usually have around the same firing speed as rifles, with most clocking in around 250 FPS. Plus, they have the largest magazines of all blaster types.

As you search for the right gel blaster for you, the main thing to consider is the type of games you’ll be playing. If you’re playing on a team, there are various roles you can fill, like a shotgunner, sniper or rifleman. If you’re completely new to the game, a pistol or assault rifle is often a good choice.

Gel blaster guns vs. paintball guns

Gel blasters are commonly compared to paintball guns, but they have key differences. Paintball guns shoot paint-filled projectiles, and use expanding gas to propel the projectiles through the barrel. The paintballs break on impact, leaving a mark wherever they hit. When the paintball comes into direct contact with skin, there’s potential for welts or bruises to occur.

Gel blasters, on the other hand, use a rechargeable battery to propel projectiles—polymer water beads. Unlike paintballs, the ammo can’t be used on arrival, and you need to soak the gel balls for at least four hours until they reach their full form. It’s much less painful to be hit by a water ball compared to a paintball.

Gel blaster guns vs. airsoft guns

While gel blasters look a lot like airsoft guns, they perform much differently. Airsoft guns shoot spherical plastic “bullets” that don’t leave physical marks on targets. It’s not always easy to tell who or what has been hit, which is why players follow an honor system during skirmishes. There are two types of airsoft guns: mechanical spring-loaded guns that are rechargeable battery powered and pneumatic valve-controlled guns that rely on compressed gasses to fire projectiles.

Gel blasters are a great substitute where airsoft guns are banned. Many countries throughout the world, including Australia, have outlawed the sale and use of airsoft guns, so be sure to research before you make a purchase.

Don’t forget to gear up with your gel blaster gun

Before you head out to engage in a round of play, make sure you have the right gear and accessories with you to make your experience a fun one. Above all, you’ll need some goggles or a face shield to protect your eyes. Make sure you always have enough gel balls on hand so that you’re never facing down an opponent without any firepower.

One great feature of gel ball blasters in general is the ability to make upgrades to your gun. You can add accessories like a speed loader to increase your firing rate. There’s even equipment to help you with your aim, including attachable scopes, sights and more.

Get ready to enjoy Gel Ball!

Most people buy a gel blaster gun with the intent of taking part in games of Gel Ball, a team sport that’s best compared to paintball or laser tag. Gel Ball matches can take several forms, and you can develop your own games to use teamwork and tactics to accomplish an objective.

The most common way people play gel ball is in an organized team skirmish, also called Close-Quarters Combat (CQC), where players follow the honor system and are “out” once they get hit. You can also play Capture the Flag battles, Attack and Defend-style rounds, simple Elimination battles and more.

Have fun and stay safe with gel blasters

Gel blasters are a fun and safe way to work on your tactical skills, burn off some energy and engage in cooperative play with a friend or a group. If you’re completely new to these toys, take your time in choosing your equipment and choose the right gun to make sure you can focus on fun and developing your skills as you play. Happy (gel) blasting!

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